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As we all know casting directors are the one who selects actors and actress according to the requirements, selecting the right candidates are very crucial for any successfully movie. Casting directors are mostly responsible to make someone a hero, heroine or select him/her in a character role. They are the one who acts as a middle man and suggest a particular person to the directors that he or she is fit for a particular role. They have to be very talented in selecting the right person to match the character and should have knowledge of acting too.

Today the industry are in extreme need of a good, hardworking and sincere casting director, but many act as fake casting director and ruin the life of struggling actors or actresses by asking sexual favor or money for getting a role in a daily soap or a movie.

One must be able to identify and differentiate between a fake and real casting director as it’s the most vital for the right beginning. You may follow the below instructions for avoiding such fake casting directors:

1. Never accept an offer of anyone who have met in malls or any other public places:

Many times fake casting director’s approach their prey mostly in malls or other public places. They approach you and tell you stories that how they have discovered many talents in the same way but don’t take it seriously as the real casting directors don’t work that way. It may be a scam, and if you are not vigilant you may end nowhere, it may lead you to destruction.

2. Be careful with agencies  which are working through Facebook or other social platform:

Many casting agencies that deal with you through Facebook or other social media are fake,  real casting directors mostly have an operational websites of their own through which they operate. Fake agents grab the information about a project and then predict that they are the one who will cast you in that project. Beware of them, they also come up with fake Email ID and phone numbers to contact you.  They may also show you their photos taken with celebrities or famous politicians to convince them that they are genuine.

They may also temporarily lease lavish offices in Malls and put up big banners and posters of famous films and famous production companies on the walls. (It would be good to enquire nearby to know how long they have been operating in that location).

Once they achieve their goal, they will change their office address email ID and Phone numbers.

3.  Get out of the audition the very moment you realise that the people around are getting physical unnecessary:

Yes, if at the time of auditions you are asked to remove your clothes and people around you are behaving in unethical way, say no and come out also never share any photos which are provocative, keep such photos away from their reach.

Also, avoid give any auditions on webcams. As many of the female actress have been captured in webcams and such auditions are used for pornographic purposes. All the intimate moves should be strictly avoided unless you are there and doing a real role in television serial or a movie.

4.  Avoid casting agents who ask you for the payments:

There are many casting agents which ask you to make unnecessary payments for auditions. They would typically try to justify by saying that will promote you by sending your photos and videos to big production companies.

They will charge you for everything starting from one time registration fees, portfolio, acting classes, prescreening etc, and these fake casting agencies are only interested in pulling your money out, they approach those people whose pockets are full and does not have sound knowledge about the industry.

Stay away from these fake casting directors.

A real casting agency never asks you for anything unless and until they get a role for you.

5.  Be aware of Misleading advertisement :

You must be aware of many of those advertisements which are done on televisions, sites, internet or in classifieds stating that they are in search of fresh faces specifying the age limit between 15-35 and saying that even inexperienced people can try. Can you imagine how can a person having no experience not even a single experience in commercial can be hired for big roles. Beware of such advertisements they are definitely not related to casting. They are “not the tale of seekers they are only scammers”.

All you need to do is be prepared and be aware of fake casting agents. Gaining knowledge about the industry is very important to head the right direction.

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