How to avoid exploitation in Modeling industry?

Selecting modeling as a career it is a challenge, Stepping into a glamorous world can make you have many bitter experiences, thus before going towards anything or deciding anything one must know all the sides of this glamour world.

This industry includes many frauds and exploitation, the first and most important thing is before signing any agreement or modeling contract kindly go through all the details in the contract and if you are not aware about all the terms, kindly ask any experienced or professional model. As some may get you signed for the contract with all the false terms and exploit you mentally and physically.

Secondly, before selecting your photographer makes sure he is actually a professional modeling photographer not a fraud who would take your photos and misuse it exploiting your modeling career in the future.

Once you are selected as a model in any modeling agency never allow anyone to cross their limits if you are not comfortable at any point speak out and be clear about your thoughts. Modeling includes more exposure, but not in every case it may happen that the photographer or modeling agency may force you to be nude for taking your photos but not necessary if you are not decided to do so directly say no, it won’t affect you if you are a good model..

There are many models who have faced sexual assaults both male and female models. They are mostly assaulted by the photographers, there are many cases of assaults but not all are exposed as many of those models are very young they have a fear that if such a thing is exposed it may ruin their career in modeling.

Not only photographers, but also many big businessmen are involved in such assaults just be aware of such peoples who just want to use and exploit you, just concentrate on your career.

Most of the modeling agencies ask you for money, but if it is a real modeling agency it would never ask for money as all the modeling agencies get their payment from the companies who sign the model they never ask for the separate money from the model. Some modeling agencies say that they would pay all the expenses of a tour for modeling assignment, but at the end they add up all the bills as expenses done by you and cut the money from your Payment which is not at all acceptable.

Be aware that you are not given any drugs in the name of medicines as it may happen in many cases. Stay away from drugs addiction may whatever the reason is, as it may exploit you as well as your career. Whatever is above mentioned should be kept in mind after stepping into the modeling career to ensure that you do not exploit in any way.

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