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Bollywood is full of fame and games. One cannot become successful unless they are aware of all the flaws or the difficulty a struggler has to deal with. Stay alert to avoid getting bitter experiences.

Most of Actor and especially actress have gone through these so called casting couches in some way or the other.

Many are aware of exploitations in film Industries. What one need to understand is seeking sexual favor does not only happen in film industries it happens almost everywhere and every industry.

Through knowledge of the industry and being vigilant can help you stay away from these people.

You may have to interact with following five people.

The casting agent:

He is the most popular one in social media they always look for girls and boys who are suitable and have good personality and looks. They will usually contact you; call you in their office, which would be probably a small room in Mumbai suburbs. All you need to do is leave the room or the office as soon as all your talks are finished, they are just fishing for their boss .They would ask you for your portfolio and will also let you know about the famous movies of which they had been a part.

The assistant director:

After casting agent you have to deal with the assistant director, he will call you at his office and may start giving you hint that you have to compromise not with him, but with his boss, he would surely try his own luck too. This assistant director would take you to the next stage and will help you to contact third person a manager.

The manager:

The third person you will meet is the manager and he will be in continuous and direct point of contact for you. He may again ask you for photographs and also he will lead you to the fourth stage.

The assistant producer:

He is the person or you can say he is the biggest fish. There are few assistant producers who may directly ask to sleep with him without caring about your feelings he may say you are perfect but for getting the role you have to compromise. So think before you proceed.

Remember, if he is asking for sexual favor then he is not the right person you should be interacting with.

The producer or the film maker:

He is the one who invest money to make the film. Many producers may feel that they have legitimate rights to ask for sexual favor. Many people claim to be film produces, but are only in the industry to fulfill their sexual needs.

These all are the sex pests you may have to deal with.

While dealing with them you have to be careful there are many ways of avoiding casting couch, some are listed below:

  1. While going through 1,2,3 stages always do the meetings in public places and don’t go in any private places.
  2. Never accept offered drinks in private places; never leave your own drinks unattended.
  3. If possible, take your relative or your trustable friend with you so he or she can keep an eye from a safe distance.
  4. You can schedule appointments in coffee shops, but try to do talks which are only work related, your casual behaviour will be a sign that you are available.
  5. You must find out the exact project for which you are promised a role. Also find out everything about the person you are meeting through your different sources, if he is not a right person and you find anything fishy than safeguard yourself. You should also make research about the project’s for which they are promising you a role.
  6. Never show you are depressed or frustrated, always show you are hardworking and can struggle a lot and become successful, but not at the cost of losing your self-respect.
  7. Dress properly, doesn’t wear anything that is provoking. I know for attracting its necessary to look good, but still if you are beautiful you can look good in a pair of jeans and T-shirt
  8. If you are ok with making compromises to get a role make sure you are having a proof of it.
  9. Never give up fully as unless you fully satisfy them they will not let you go, they would surely find some job for you as they prey on you. It’s really necessary to have a proof as after doing compromises they can step back and then even if you would say people about it nobody would listen to you.
  10. Remember, if they come to know that you are not ready for any compromise he or she will try their best to demotivate or demoralize you in an attempt to break your down. They would typically say “Hundreds of talented actor/actress comes here every day for role in films, you are just one among them, and you will never make it in this industry without compromising”, everybody has to compromise, and every successful actor/actress has compromises at the beginning of their career”.  You will struggle your entire life and you would never make it”.  I think you have talent and great potential, I can offer you a great role, here is my card, call me before it’s too late.

Great talent never goes unnoticed, there are still some good filmmakers out there looking for genuine talents. Dont look for short cuts, Keep trying & wait for the right time, Never give up easily.

Make a lists of do’s and dont’s, go through all and follow it to be safe and sure and take right decision, frankly speaking avoid all those things which will hurt you in future because at the end self-respect matters a lot.

So think before you act.

How to avoid casting couch in Bollywood – Talent Bloggers

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