Is animation a good career option in India?

Yes, of course. It’s a good career option because animation deals with the designing, drawing, layout and production of graphical clips with computer software’s.


As per the research, India has around 300 animation studios where they employ around 15000 animation professionals and even expert says “Multi-billion dollar industry is the Animation industry and it has greater scope for the career”. Animation is not the only prerequisite in the film and entertainment sector, but it is almost used in all sectors such as business, print media, publishing firms, sales, engineering, education and many more.

In animation sector, various streams are open to the individuals which they can opt as per the qualities such as scanning, compositing, digital ink and paint, game designing, 3D modelers,. Character animators, rigging artist, background artist, texture artist, Image editor etc.

Animation is more famous in the gaming industry amongst the children and youth generation. Animation sector has a potential to grow rapidly. An animation aspirant should have knowledge about sketching techniques and passion to learn the animation, graphics and also should have inherent idea development in mind. Moreover, openness in animation field will serve as an effective means of growth in your career.
talent-bloggers-disThe positive developments in these sectors are most likely to benefit the aspirant of animation in relative terms. Animators are also open to website design, CD-ROM production, graphics designing and three-dimensional product modeling. It also has wide scope in the field of fashion designing and interior designing and even in medical, legal and insurance companies for their presentations and models.

To become a skilled professional in animation field proper training and guidance is a must. There are various institutes who offer diploma courses one should enroll and master the techniques and the skills required for this career and later should opt for some professional courses which will give a brief and in-depth knowledge about the animation field. In this profession learning is really fun because animators get to learn various stuff which in the near future, they would have never thought and expected, isn’t that great?

talent-bloggers-disTo get a broader view about this animation industry, in a year, so many workshops are also being conducted to understand where the skills matches an animator aspirant should definitely go and make best use of it.

Salaries vary as per the learning, knowledge and experience. For e.g.: Trainees or apprentice animators would get pay scale of 8000-15000 per month, whereas people experienced about 4-5 years in this industry may get a pay scale of 25000-45000 per month. Animators who are well experienced in this field may get a salary n
early in a range of 50,000-60,000 per month. If an animator is having a strong portfolio, then sky is the limit. Sometimes animators also work as a freelancer and earn handsome greens.


This field is quite skillful and animators have a great opportunity for growth. Further, despite the improving trend in this sector overall described, in absolute terms, this would facilitate and boost the person who is willing to pursue career in the animation field.


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