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August 2016

Top 10 Acting Schools in India

What makes an institutes among top 10 ?

  • Is it the name or size of the institute?
  • Knowing the fact that most celebrity can endorse anything for money, would you consider a school the best because celebrities are endorsing the institute in electronic media and print media?
  • Is it because it’s run or owned by a famous celebrity ?
  • Is it because the institute claims that they are the best?
  • Is it because they provide placement guarantee?
  • Is it because you see lot of celebrity posing as ex-students on their website?
  • Is it because you have seen lot of their advertisements?
  • Is it because everyone says it’s good, so you want to join them too ?
  • Is it because the institutes has put lot of celebrities photos on their website ?
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Top 10 Acting Schools in India

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