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March 2016

10 downsides of being an Actor

Be ready to face Criticism: One wrong decision, one flop movie, one bad role is a pit hole recovering from which takes ages and sometimes, becomes impossible. 

Your frankness can screw your career: Think about Amir Khan’s comments On Intolerance in India. Every word that actors say can be quoted in any situation and hence they need to be extra careful about what they speak. Imagine how terrifying and uncomfortable it is when you know that anything and everything that you say can be (mis)quoted out of the context and can make you look bad in the public eye.

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What is acting?

An actor is someone who plays a character in film, television, radio, or theater productions. You may not know this, but there is an actor inside of you. He or she shows up multiple times every day. You play roles. You assume different character. You will change yourself into different states of being in order to accomplish your goals.

Have you ever lied to anyone, if your answer is “YES”, then it mean that you were acting to make him or her believe you were not lying.  However if your answer is “No”, then you are acting now.  The fact is, we all have lied at some point of time in our life, and we have little acting skills within us.

Ask the below questions and you would know the undiscovered actor in you.

  • Do you behave the same when you are at home, office or in public?
  • Do you become the real you at home and you behave differently in public?
  • Do you eat the same way when you are at home and in a 4 or 5 star restaurant ?
  • Do you suddenly change the way you walk or talk when you see a handsome guy looking at you?
  • Do you inhale deep and walk tall when a pretty girl pass by ?
  • Do you carry yourself like a gentleman in public, when you actually NOT?
  • Have you ever said “No” or “Yes” convincingly with all those expressions when you really wanted to say the opposite?

We all unknowingly act throughout our life. Most of us use acting skills on a daily basis without being aware of it. An actor is the one who make this a profession and master the skill. He keeps training himself and keep polishing his skills to make it look more and more realistic.

Acting is the simply the ability to call on different aspects of your personality, with different levels of energy, different emotional states at a specific time and place for a specific purpose.

If you’ve ever enjoyed a movie, been hooked on a TV show or been moved by a play, you’ve witnessed the power of acting.

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How to select the best dance that suits you ?

First you need to know what form of dance you love to do. There are hundreds of dance types around the world but you may not like all of them. You may want to select one out of some famous dance like ballet, tap, Salsa, belly, break, classical , folk, traditional, hip-hop , Bollywood ..Etc. …

Dive into the history of dances. It may inspire you to choose one.

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Learn Dance with SIX Super Easy steps ?

First thing First, Remember the fact, not everybody can dance well but most of them can.

If you want to learn how to dance, you first have to enjoy dancing no matter what style you pick. It’s ok to get inspired by good dancers but never every try to copy them. Develop your own style. “Nobody wants to see Michael Jackson in You”

Let’s get to the point, and see how.

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Things Good Dancers Do Differently to get Maximum Output ?

Have you ever wondered what great dancers do differently and why they become successful?

Dancer too need precision of a surgeon and study, invest time, energy & effort to master the art. A good dancer does not only focus on dancing but learn human psychology too. Studying human psychology helps understand how audience react to dancer’s body language or certain moves. He researches and studies what audience like and what they prefer. He studies his audience before preparing for the show.

Example: As an audience do they really like to see just a dance or an entertainer. Will the audience love to see a social message thru the dance?

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