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August 2015

How to select the right dance school?

OK, Remove this MYTH from your mind that only a dance school can make me a dancer.

A dance school can teach you techniques but may not be able to develop the passion you lack.

Unless you have the passion to dance, I would recommend not joining any dance academy. However, if you do have the passion and you are looking for the right dance school, considers the point below.

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Which is the Top 10 Dance School in India and WHY ?

What should you look at before considering a school amongst top Dance School in India? 

  • Is it the name or size of the institute?
  • Knowing the fact that most celebrity can endorse anything for money, would you consider the school best because celebrities are endorsing the institute in electronic media and print media?
  • Should we consider it is good only because it’s run by a famous personality
  • Is it because the institute claims that they are the best?
  • Is it because you have seen lot of their advertisements?
  • Is it because everyone says it’s good, so you want to join them too?

Here is what you need to know …..

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