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If you live in India, no doubt you are aware what is Bollywood? It’s all about the films, movies ,actors, glamour , source of entertainment and many more.

Bollywood is full of various interesting facts and phases some of them are as listed below which I found to be much more interesting

  1. The much shocking facts are that the first Bollywood movie was released in 1899 where the first Hollywood movie was released in 1907, which means exactly 11 years after Bollywood. This clearly states that Bollywood is older than Hollywood.
  2. The Movie named Kaho no Pyaar hai is the only movie which have received in total 92 awards for one movie in almost all the categories which has been listed ,it is much more shocking as it’s tough to get so many awards for a single movie. Along with the awards the movie has been listed in the Gunnies book of records for breaking the records of getting awards.
  3. The third most interesting fact one must know about the Bollywood is that the song “Aee Malik tere bande hum” which was sung by Lata  Mangeshkar in the movie “Do Ankhe Barah hath” this song was adopted as the Anthem in the school of Pakistan.
  4. The most shocking fact is about the well known actor “Jeetendra ” he has started his career as a body double for a female actor for a film named “Navrang”.
  5. You all are aware of the movie “3 Idiots” are all time favorites of all the youngsters due to the awesome acting and the message given through this movie, but the most interesting fact about this movie is that 3 IDIOTS is the only movie which has crossed Rs.200 crores in domestic collection.
  6. Do you know , the first color movie in India was? No, then let me tell you it was Film named Kishan Kanhaya it was based on a novel by Saadat Hasan Manto and the plight of poor farmers, Kisan Kanya hold the title of being the “First color film” of the Indian Cinema. Along with this Kisan Kanhaya was also the first feature film to be made entirely in India and then later it was also processed and printed in Germany.
  7. The movie Lage Raho Munna Bhai (2006) which has become most popular among all the Indians as it was a movie spreading a message of love and peace through the lessons of Gandhiji and it became the only movie to be screened in the United Nations on 10th November 2006.
  8. Are you aware of about the first 3D movie in India? Let me tell you the first Indian movie named My Dear Kuttichaatan (1984) was the first movie, which was 3D it was a Malyalam movie, which was later dubbed in Hindi and named as Chota Chetan. It was for the first time in the history of Indian Cinema and was directed by Jijo Punnose.
  9. In the film Heroine Kareena Kapoor has won more than 130 outfits and each and every outfit was made by a top designer not only from India but also from the entire top designer over the world. It was noted that the outfits were the most expensive in regards to all other Indian movies till the date.
  10. The song Abb Tumhare hawale Watan Saathiyo was one of the longest in the film having the same name, song with a time duration of 20 minutes, which was divided into three parts no other movie till the date have such a song with such a long duration.

There are many such unknown and amazing facts about the Indian Bollywood cinemas which make us realize our various achievements made all over the journey of Cinema.

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