10 downsides of being an Actor

Be ready to face Criticism: One wrong decision, one flop movie, one bad role is a pit hole recovering from which takes ages and sometimes, becomes impossible. 

Your frankness can screw your career: Think about Amir Khan’s comments On Intolerance in India. Every word that actors say can be quoted in any situation and hence they need to be extra careful about what they speak. Imagine how terrifying and uncomfortable it is when you know that anything and everything that you say can be (mis)quoted out of the context and can make you look bad in the public eye.

Enmities: Actors are famous for their rivalries. It’s an ugly side to being an actor which affects them more than what we think. Since acting career is highly competitive you trend to have more rivals then friends. We have been hearing in new media about underworld and political connections with Bollywood and some people can go to any extend to bring an upcoming star down. 

Media condemnation:  Because we lead such plain lives, we always yearn for fame and feel ecstatic when we get recognition in public. For the same reason we think actors are so fortunate, they get media’s attention and fame. But what’s recognition and fame for us is probably hostility for those who are under media scanner 24×7. And by 24×7 I mean 24 hours of all 7 days in a week, literally. Media scrapes away their freedom to choose what to share and what to hide. From just-out-of-flight pictures to a ‘secret holiday’ with partner, every detail gets published. People know what they had for Sunday brunch, thanks to media. People know where they shopped last week, thanks to media. The moment they step out of their homes, paparazzi swarms around with their cameras, flashing lights and questions into their faces. 

Fake life : Since actors are public figures, their entire life is like an open book which anybody can read. They strive for recognition and acceptance by the audience. They work hard to remain in the good books of everyone. They don’t know when they might be confronted by a media person so they have to be prepared all the time. Both physically and mentally. They are required to keep up the makeup, the style and the demeanor of a perfectly happy and cheerful person all the time. 

Judgment : When someone constantly judges us, doesn’t that make us all nervous and conscious and low on self-confidence? Why don’t we think about the actors in a similar way? They get judged for their every action and that too, mostly in a bad, demeaning sense. Aishwarya Rai was judged and condemned for her post-pregnancy fat. Do you think it wouldn’t affect her confidence every time she would step out of her house? Just because she is an actress why do people forget that she carried a live, breathing human being in her womb for 9 months and cannot pull off the fat in a day. So much for being a celebrity! 

Gossips : When you hear about some fake news going around about your character or your family or your love life, don’t you feel angry and betrayed? Don’t you feel like breaking that person’s nose who started these rumors in the first place? Well, that’s exactly how actors feel. Lately it has become a trend to link up the actors to their co-stars, producers, directors or any other living soul of opposite sex they are spotted with. These rumors stem from the evil minds of sadist people who take pleasure in spoiling others’ image. Its highly unfair to expect the actors to react all calm and composed to such things but unfortunately they are left with no option but to ignore it and move on. 

Ambiguous Relationships: As adults, we all yearn for stability both professionally and personally. We wish to have a group of close friends who would be there for us in every phase of life. We wish to have a partner who would love us, respect us, support us and be ready to walk with us to the end of our lives. But poor actors! Their close relationships are so deeply scrutinized that sometimes even they cannot help to prevent the disasters. We have seen so many couples breaking up, so many friendships going sour, so many equations turning cold majorly because of the interference from outside world. When a relationship is constantly fed with questions, rumours, unethical data and third party information; insecurities and a feeling of distrust is bound to creep in which ultimately results in the break down! Why else do you think actors want to date people outside of the industry? 

Crazy fans: Being loved and appreciated is something that everyone wants. No matter how bad they may be at acting, every actor has his own fan following. It feels good to know that people are appreciating your work and love you for your talent. But this doesn’t stop here. Fans go over the board to do crazy, insane things to show their love. Some people slit their wrists, some become stalkers, some send weird gifts to their favorite actors, some turn up in front of media with fake news. Imagine a fan similar to villain in the film DARR “KKK Kiran”.Actors reporting about creepy stalkers and dangerous phone calls are a common sight. Having a fan following is fun, but at the cost of your safety and security? Not so much! 

No Private Life : Imagine a life in which nothing is just yours, every thing is labelled as a public property and your privacy is intruded at every step. They can no longer enjoy a calm, long walk in the garden. Every news we read about a dinner or an outing of a pair of actors was actually meant to be a close, intimate, special moment spoiled by the media.

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