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Folk dances of Kashmir - Talent Bloggers

Kashmir is one of the beautiful states in India having elegant and rich cultural heritage, along with the beauty of the nature and the people. Kashmir is also well known for a vast variety of folk and traditional dances and is one of the graceful countries in the globe.

Some of the folk dances of this Region is as follows:

  1. Bhand Jashan Dance

Bhand Jashan Dance is one of the famous dances of Kashmir which is also known as “Festivals of Clowns” being performed from last many generations. It is a well known folk dance of Kashmir. This folk dance of Kashmir is a combination of Play and dance in a stratical style. The dancers are both men and women fully dressed in traditional attire. The Bhand dance is mostly performed in areas like punchy, solar, Rajouri, Pahalgam, and Kishtwar.

  1. Rouf Dance

Rouf dance is one of the most liked and well known customary dances in the beautiful state of Kashmir. Rouf dance is not difficult anyone can perform this dance as it has simple and easy movements. In the state of Srinagar this dance is called as “Row” and in other parts it is well known as “Rouf”. This dance is performed mainly during all the celebrations to make the moment special. It is mostly performed during the spring season with the help of this dance the women’s describes the lovemaking movements of the bees.

There are specially two groups of women’s one asking questions and another group answering those questions in musical it’s really a treat to watch the performance. The two groups of women stand in a row in front of each other and then start performing by bending forward and backward.

  1. Hafiza dance

Kashmir has a wide variety of dances which are mostly performed in different special moments of life like birth, marriage, harvest, etc.. Hafiza is a dance which is performed mainly in marriages. It adds beauty to the whole marriage ceremony by making the ceremony memorable. The women performing hafiza dance are named as Hafiza itself because they move their feet to the rhythm of music.

  1. Baccha Nagma dance

This dance has got its roots from the Hafiza dance form. It is said that this dance form was introduced in Afghan and was introduced in Kashmir by Afghans who had been came from Kabul. Under this dance form all the boys are made to dress up and do all the make-up just like a women, they are trained from their childhood so that they can achieve a perfection at earlier age when at younger age their voice are also small and sweet thus they also sing song along with the dance performance adding up the music and filling the whole performance with grace and beauty.

  1. Bhand pather dance:

The theme of the band performance may vary and include various old folk dances and typical Sanskrit theatre of India. The dance or place which is performed in the band is called Pather which means dramatic. The music is a combination of Dhol, Nagada, and a swarnai. Here swarnai is similar to shehnai but is larger in size .In this dance a short bamboo stick and a whip are the two things must for the pather.

Above mentioned dances are best and well known folk and traditional dances of Kashmir, which has added to the grace and beauty of the state.

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