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Difference between film-making and direction course - Talent Bloggers

Before describing the differences between film making course and direction course first let us understand what exactly both courses are? And basically what it includes?

Film making includes “n” no of stages, we can say a never ending process if we don’t stop. Film making doesn’t focus only on one aspect, it has to consider all other views, perceptions, etc. and make only one way out to work on it. The director is the whole and the sole responsible person for executing the film within a budget and on a given deadline. Not only, but even he has to play a major role in directing the co-stars, i.e. people involved in that particular film.

Now let us understand the difference between both the courses. Both the courses are vast and deep, but their functionality’s differ and only ends when the film is executed .To learn both the courses there are various short term and long term courses but who are most enthusiastic about the industry for them this would be the most desired courses for them to learn and explore.

  1. Ownership:

In both the courses ownership is the most important aspect, but it differs as the rules differ. Film making course teaches you about the each and every scenario of the entire process, whereas direction courses teach you about the scripting of the film in a totality and also to deal with the people.

  1. Technical knowledge:

In both the courses technical expertise is shared amongst the students. But as film maker, one has to be aware about the in and out of the system. So more descriptively it is being taught in film making course than in direction courses because it is not possible to survive in this stream without technical know-how.

  1. Creating a virtual world:

As everybody knows when we watch any particular movie, for that hour we start living up their lives for that moment, so it is quite necessary to create a virtual world wherein you can engage the audience into it. This quality is clearly explained and taught in direction course, because the director is the only person who brings life to the portraits as compared to the film making courses

  1. Ability to present the movie :

Presenting the movie in front of members of the film is the initial stage where both film makers and directors are involved, but in totality if we see director ownership is much more as compared to the film maker because film maker understand each and every critical stage of the film so that he can execute the film on a big screen, but director comes out with every possible idea where one cannot fidget with. Without any visuals or audios only with the help the script he is clearly able to describe the various shots. This concept is brilliantly taught in the director course. But to present the movies in front of the audience is only possible with the help of the film makers because he collaborate all the shots and arranges in a sequential manner.

  1. All rounder – with all the specialised knowledge:

Film making courses makes an individual all rounder in all terms such as screening’s, cinematography, sound, lights, camera, etc. Film making courses gives specialized knowledge to understand each and every bit of the film making courses whereas direction courses are just a part of the film making process. So the institutes give you an in-depth knowledge of the process. In direction courses they provide the overview of the every activity involved in the film making process, but the syllabus stick to the director’s profile itself.

Some of the essential difference is discussed above about the course and I hope the above information, gives you plenty ideas about the course.

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