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Which are the top Film Direction schools in India ?

Film Direction

Due to popularity of the film and television, the number of film direction schools are increasing day by day. You need to be careful before selecting the right school.

Best institutes are where people do rigorous practice and effort, and make lot of short films. So that they can see themselves as a film director, few of them are listed below:

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Which are the top Film Direction schools in India ?

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What do you need, to become a film director?

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We have heard a lot of times if you have a passion, interest and never give up attitude than impossible itself says I m possible. The person who can make something out of nothing with his own creative ideas, then that person is on a right track.

Directing a film is a difficult task and to sustain with positive feeling till the end is more difficult. This industry is very big and quite tough to enter nowadays. But it’s a choice to make it or to break it. If someone wants to become a film director one has to have a passion and patience both at a same time.

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Who can become a Film Director?

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It’s a question that you should ask yourself? If you think you can, then ask why you think you can?

  • Is it because you watch lot of movies and you think you can do too?
  • Is it b’coz you have a DSLR camera with you? Or you have enough money to buy one?
  • Is it because you can were a hat and sit under an umbrella and give out orders, just like you see in TV’s and Movies?
  • Humm, Is it?
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