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How to avoid casting couch in Bollywood – Talent Bloggers

Casting Couch - Talent Bloggers

Bollywood is full of fame and games. One cannot become successful unless they are aware of all the flaws or the difficulty a struggler has to deal with. Stay alert to avoid getting bitter experiences.

Most of Actor and especially actress have gone through these so called casting couches in some way or the other.

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How to avoid casting couch in Bollywood – Talent Bloggers

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Avoid Fake Casting Directors – Talent Bloggers

Fake Casting Director - Talent Bloggers

As we all know casting directors are the one who selects actors and actress according to the requirements, selecting the right candidates are very crucial for any successfully movie. Casting directors are mostly responsible to make someone a hero, heroine or select him/her in a character role. They are the one who acts as a middle man and suggest a particular person to the directors that he or she is fit for a particular role. They have to be very talented in selecting the right person to match the character and should have knowledge of acting too.

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