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Top 10 Acting Schools in India

Which are the top 10 acting school in India and WHY

What makes an institutes among top 10 ?

  • Is it the name or size of the institute?
  • Knowing the fact that most celebrity can endorse anything for money, would you consider a school the best because celebrities are endorsing the institute in electronic media and print media?
  • Is it because it’s run or owned by a famous celebrity ?
  • Is it because the institute claims that they are the best?
  • Is it because they provide placement guarantee?
  • Is it because you see lot of celebrity posing as ex-students on their website?
  • Is it because you have seen lot of their advertisements?
  • Is it because everyone says it’s good, so you want to join them too ?
  • Is it because the institutes has put lot of celebrities photos on their website ?
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Top 10 Acting Schools in India

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Which are the Top 10 FilmMaking Schools In India – Talent Bloggers

Top 10 Filmmaking School India - Talent Bloggers

“Film Making” is an art which will influence many people’s lives. People really love to watch films with their friends, colleagues and family. Nowadays the work pressure in office and life is full of stress hence most of them spent time watching movie in theaters, it is considered one of the best stress reliever and one can gain knowledge at the same time.

If you really want to become a Successful Filmmaker, then the most important thing is you should have passion for it, love towards cinema and you must work hard to become a successful filmmaker. Not everybody can think of becoming a FilmMaker, it is one of the toughest job in the world and the same time its rewarding too. You can never become a successful filmmaker without having through knowledge (both theory and practical).

Just because you are shooting with a DSLR camera and ordering people what to do on the set will not make you a successful Filmmaker.

A successful Filmmaker need to have Extraordinary Qualities, few are listed below.

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Which are the Top 10 FilmMaking Schools In India – Talent Bloggers

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Difference Between Filmmaking and Direction Course – Talent Bloggers

Difference between film-making and direction course - Talent Bloggers

Before describing the differences between film making course and direction course first let us understand what exactly both courses are? And basically what it includes?

Film making includes “n” no of stages, we can say a never ending process if we don’t stop. Film making doesn’t focus only on one aspect, it has to consider all other views, perceptions, etc. and make only one way out to work on it. The director is the whole and the sole responsible person for executing the film within a budget and on a given deadline. Not only, but even he has to play a major role in directing the co-stars, i.e. people involved in that particular film.

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What Can You Become After Finishing Filmmaking Course – Talent Bloggers

After finishing film-making course- Talent Bloggers

Film Making is an art. To produce a film you should be more creative & very passionate as it involves a story, ideas through scriptwriting, the way you cast the film, which location the shooting is done according to the scene, sound recording system and editing part. Since so many motions are involved in making one particular film or movie, after completing the film-making course, there are various streams one can enter as per your choice and interest.

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What Can You Become After Finishing Filmmaking Course – Talent Bloggers

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What is filmmaking course – Talent Bloggers

What is filmmaking course - Talent Bloggers

Filmmaking is not something that can be learned simply thus being confined to a classroom where one is taught the basic criteria for bringing a story to life will enhance and develop ones limit as a filmmaker. Film making starts with an idea, that’s how you can be the one who is standing at the back of a theatre watching an audience cry, laugh or hide their eyes at something you made. It’s magic, and only a trained film maker can do it.

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Folk Dances of Kerala – Talent Bloggers

Folk dances of Kerala - Talent Bloggers

Kerala is colourful and an enchanting kaleidoscope full of breathtaking surprises with full of unique culture and traditions, along with its varied demography making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in India.

Along with all these Kerala is also a major source of traditional and folk dances. Some of the most well known dances in Kerala are as follows:

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